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May 2, 2012

Parables of the Virgins and Talents

And then He pictured to their minds,

In parables most clear,

What should take place before the throne

When the Lord should appear.

* * *

The fate of the ten virgins,

Of whom but five were wise,

And five were foolish, without grace,

He placed before their eyes.

* * *

And of the nobleman who went

To travel far away,

And to his servants talents gave,

Their wisdom to display.

* * *

And two their talents used in trade,

And brought their master gain,

Which pleased him so he raised them up

O’er cities fair to reign;

 * * *

While one was slothful, loving ease,

His talent hid away,

And brought with it a vain excuse

Upon the reck’ning day.

* * *

But his lord answered wrathfully,

He no excuse would take,

But told him what he should have done,

A lawful gain to make.

* * *

Then ordered that they take and cast

Nor pity him, nor spare–

The unprofitable servant

Out into dark despair.


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